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SITXFSA005 - Use Hygienic Practices For Food Safety

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Accredited Food Handling Course Online
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(Also known as SITXFSA005 Use hygienic practices for food safety Online Course)
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Basic Food Handling Course Online

Pay Only When You Pass - Free To Try
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Free To Try Pay Only $19.95! When You Pass!

Eclipse Education offers an online food handling certificate that provides certification and training necessary to work in the food industry. This is a fully accredited course that includes a certificate upon completion.

Course Information

This is a completely online course that can be taken at your leisure. You can stop and start it when you wish, so you don’t have to feel compelled to complete it all in one sitting. It takes just a few hours to complete the entire course, and at the end, you have accreditation that can be used all throughout Australia. This same accreditation can be recognised in other countries as well, since Australian accreditation is considered among the finest in the world.

This is more than simply a way to become accredited to work in the food industry, however. The course provides solid, practical teaching that you can put to use in a number of different positions. Leaders and employees alike can benefit from the training provided here, which is why many businesses will have their employees take these courses every so often just to keep them refreshed. They know the value that structured, nationally accredited courses can have.

We provide two separate food handling courses for you to pick from. You can choose the accredited one that helps get you into the door of the food industry. This is what you’ll need to take if you are just starting out. You can also take the non-accredited course, which provides a food handling certificate without accreditation, but it offers exceptional training that can be useful as a review tool from time to time.

What many businesses will do is have their food workers take the non-accredited course every year or so to ensure that their employees are current with best practices. This reduces liability for them and helps to ensure that their workforce is well trained and knows how to deal with food according to national and international standards of safety.

The food handling certificate is overseen by a third party to ensure accuracy and accountability. This also ensures accreditation and gives our clients peace of mind about the legitimacy of the course. They know that if a third party is assessing their work, the scores are not being affected and everything is being done aboveboard. We are very transparent with the entire process, and you can even try out the course for free, if you like.

Why Get a Food Handlers Certificate?

The food handling certificate is the first important step to a career in the food industry. It opens the door of opportunity for work as a chef, server, packer, caterer, food processer and more. Safe food handling affects a wide variety of positions, and it can be a useful certification to have even in non-food related jobs. It can be hard to tell when one’s work will intersect with food handling in some way, and having this certification can make things go much smoother and ensure safer food for everyone.

Attaining this certification also shows your employer that you possess specific skills and abilities that an prove valuable to them. It shows that you can perform well and meet certain expectations. It shows a level of dedication and excellence that makes you a better candidate for a number of positions. Having this certification can also look good on your resume, giving it another tick in your favour and helping you to edge out some of the competition. This assessment is not just a way to improve your knowledge of food handling tasks, but to also demonstrate an ability to follow directions, remember key information and complete tasks. It shows an ability to perform at a level that meets national standards.

The same certification also helps your customers and your employers. It reduces the risk of contamination and minimises various foodborne illness risks. It also protects your employer against lawsuits and your customers against a variety of health problems. It makes you an asset to your business or your employer, and any employer will be able to recognise that.

This is certification that can often be recognised outside Australia. In some instances, if you travel abroad to work, your Australian Food Handling Certification will be enough to get a job in the food industry. Or you may simply need to take a refresher course before being approved for a food industry job. Because Australian certification standards are among the best in the world, accreditation with a course such as this means something and can provide value to your potential employers.

Food Safety vs. Food Handling

Food safety and food handling are two different positions, and despite their similarities, they require different certificates. Ensure that you get the right one for the position you are training for.

Food handlers will handle food in some way, such as preparing, packing or serving food. Food safety workers will likely do some or all of these jobs as well, but they are also in charge of ensuring food safety. They operate in a supervisor position that places them over the safety of the food. That means they will often have to check the work of food handlers, so it is a more involved job with more stringent and expansive requirements.

The Food Safety Certificate is a longer and more extensive training course than that of Food Handling. It takes longer to complete and contains much of the same material as a Food Handling course would.

If you are not sure which course you are supposed to take, please check with your supervisor or talk to our customer service specialists. We will be happy to help you make the right choice, because we know that not every person needs the same kind of training.

While both courses may prove beneficial to you in your job, you probably only want to take one of them for the moment, so be sure you choose the right one. The food handling certificate course tends to be more useful for packers, servers, and cooks, while the Food Safety Course is better for head chefs and those in supervisory positions.


Let’s look at a few of the most asked questions about this course. We hope we are able to answer yours here.

Q: How long does it take to complete?

A: Many people complete the non-accredited course in as little as three hours. The accredited course takes longer.

Q: When do I pay for the course?

A: You only have to pay once you pass.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: The accredited course costs $39.95, while the non-accredited course costs $19.95.

Q: What do I do if I need additional support?

A: If you need any help with the Food Handling Course we have a dedicated team of support staff that can answer all of your questions either via live chat or over the phone. We offer a variety of accredited courses that are relevant to the food industry. You will find that many of these will supplement the Food Handling Course very well.

Q: Where is this accreditation accepted?

A: The courses are fully accepted in every Australian state, as well as in other countries around the world.

Q: Who is this course designed for?

A: This course is intended for anyone in the food industry who will be handling food. Of course, it can be taken by anyone.

Q: Are there any pre-requisites for taking this course?

A: No, the course is open and available to anyone. Please select the free trial option to find out if the course is right for you. Your experience does not factor into your eligibility to take this course. It can even be taken by people outside the food industry.

Q: Will my accreditation expire?

A: This Food Handling Course and its accreditation are the same for all Australian states. There is no expiration on this accreditation. and there is no need to renew your certification.

Q: Which devices will this course work on?

A: The course can be completed on most smart mobile devices, such as tablets or phones, as well as on laptops and personal computers.

If your question has not been answered in this FAQ, then please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have, address your concerns and provide more information about the food handling certificate.

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