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Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry
Top 11 Questions:

  • Is this the latest White Card course? Yes, this White Card course is current and up to date. As of December 2017 all students must complete this White Card course (CPCCWHS1001 - Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry).
  • What do I need to complete this course? You will need access to any of the following: computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet. You will also need the following PPE items: Hard hat, eye protection, hearing protection and high visibility retro reflective vest.
  • Do I need any equipment to complete this course? Yes, you will need access to the following equipment: Hard hat, eye protection, hearing protection and high visibility retro reflective vest. This is a mandatory requirement for this course. If you don't have this equipment it can be purchased through our website during the enrollment process.
  • Is the White Card Accepted by the VBA (Victoria Building Authority)? Yes, The VBA accepts our White Card.
  • Is the White Card Valid in Victoria? Yes, The White Card we issue is valid in Victoria, and approved by Worksafe in all states.
  • Do you also offer the Victorian White Card? Yes, as one of only a few RTOs approved by Work Safe Victoria to deliver the Victorian White Card course and issue a Victorian White Card to all successful students, we are proud to be able to deliver a classroom based Victorian White Card course. Click here to see our classroom locations and dates for our next class.
  • How Long does the White Card course take? About 6 Hours You Can Stop and Start, your progress is saved so you can take a break and resume.
  • Is it all on online? Yes, the course is 100% online with multiple-choice questions and a practical assessment activities which can be done via an audio and video link.
  • How Much does it Cost? The White Card course costs $65.00 and you only pay at the end of the course. This includes your statement of attainment (certificate) and physical white card posted to you. PPE equipment can be purchased through us for those that don't own any.
  • When will I get My Card? You will get your White Card Number upon completion with your certificate, your printed plastic card will be sent out within 24 hours in the mail (express post option available)
  • Will I need to submit id? Yes, A photo of your ID such as drivers licence, passport, student card, if you don't have ID you can complete a stat dec.
  • How do I know you're a legit company? We have been providing White Card Training since 2010 and we are a Registered Training Organisation this can be verified on the Australian government website
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The VBA will accept a current Construction Induction card issued by an equivalent Worksafe counterpart.
We issue a Western Australia White Card and it is accepted natinoally.

Our white card training certifications are accepted in Melbourne and Victoria wide

Victoria (VIC)

White Cards are compulsory for all employees on Victorian construction sites, and thanks to Eclipse Online Education they are now easy to obtain online. We provide easy to use white card training courses for the Melbourne and Victorian building industries, allowing you to receive your white card online and start your working career sooner. Our national white card training courses are also cost-effective, making Eclipse the one to turn to for all your education needs online.

Upon completion of this nationally recognised white card course you will recieve a Western Australian White Card which is recognised by WorkSafe Victoria. Apply for our white card training courses online today!

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The Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry course is a Nationally Recognised qualification and is a compulsory requirement for anybody who wishes to kick-start their career or continue working in the construction industry throughout Victoria.

To read about the Victorian Building Authority's acceptance of interstate white cards please click here: VBA White Card.

Once you have successfully completed our online Construction Induction Training, you will be able to work on a construction site and you will have a better understanding of occupational health and safety procedures.

This course is conducted through our web site. The course starts as soon as you sign up, log in and select the course. You may start the course at any time you like and you can stop the course if you'd like a break and resume your course exactly where you left it by signing back in with your user name and password at a later date. Once you have completed the online assessment, your answers will be marked instantly. Due to state requirements, you will be required to send us a Self Declaration Form and a photocopy of your photo ID (Licence, passport or proof of age card) before you receive your statement of Attainment and your construction White Card. You will be emailed a checklist containing the Self Declaration Form and detailed instructions on the process once you have submitted your online assessment. Once we have received all of the required forms and you have made payment, your Statement of Attainment will be emailed to you with 48 hours and your Construction White Card will be posted to you within 2 working days.

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