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Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry (White Card)

Can You Do White Card Online in Victoria?

Can You Do White Card Online in Victoria?

The White Card is a requirement for anyone working in the construction and building industry. Those who will be doing electrical, plumbing, carpentry, concreting, plastering or other construction work will need a White Card to work at those jobs. This is true across the country, and typically a White Card earned from one state will be valid in another.

The requirements for obtaining a White Card are simply attending the course and completing assessment. After successfully completing the course, participants are awarded a White Card, which is never going to expire. That card can come in incredibly useful, as it opens up job opportunities around the country that would otherwise not be available.

In some parts of the country, the course can be taken online. Western Australia is one of the states that allows for the class to be taken this way. That’s certainly convenient, but other states require a physical class attendance for a White Card. Therefore, you cannot obtain a Victorian White Card online and expect it to be valid in Melbourne or any area of Victoria.

Then, the question of can the class be taken online in Victoria and a card be obtained that way can be answered with a simple “no”. If you live in Victoria and want to use a White Card in Victoria, then you have to take the class physically. You have to personally go to a White Card class, sit through the training and successfully complete all the course requirements. If you do all of that, then you will be awarded with a Victorian White Card. That card is not only valid in Victoria and all of its cities, but it is also valid in other states, because you have taken the course in the strictest way possible. Your card will be recognized all over the country, allowing you to be employed in construction jobs of all kinds and be hired by companies for a wide range of positions.

Your card may even be recognised internationally, as many countries and companies around the world recognise the high, strict standards of Australian assessments such as the White Card course. Simply put, this card and the course you have to take to obtain it will open up some doors of opportunity and make it much easier to get a job in a wide range of sectors.

The reason that Victoria has such strict requirements for obtaining the White Card is because this is a workplace safety assessment. It makes sense for the state to require that applicants take the course in person, as they have the chance to ask questions and see for themselves how this training can help them in the real world. WorkSafe Victoria and SafeWork NSW do not recognised online white card training and as such they have made it a requirement that to obtain their white cards you must enroll into a “white card” course with a Registered Training Organisation and attend a physical face to face classroom session with a qualified trainer and assessor.

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